Finland's Sanna Marin to become world's youngest prime minister at 34

 34-year-old Sanna Marin is set to become the world's youngest sitting prime minister.

 Finnish politician is set to become the world's youngest sitting prime minister.

Sanna Marin, Finland's 34-year-old transportation minister, will also become the country's youngest ever prime minister when she is sworn in on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Marin narrowly won a vote among Social Democrat lawmakers, according to Reuters, and replaces outgoing Prime Minister Antti Rinne, who resigned on Tuesday after coalition partner the Centre Party said it had lost confidence in him over his handling of a postal workers' strike.

The prime minister-elect told reporters that she has "a lot of work ahead to rebuild trust," according to Reuters.

"I have never thought about my age or gender, I think of the reasons I got into politics and those things for which we have won the trust of the electorate," the Agence France-Presse news agency reported her as saying.

Marin rose through the ranks after leading the city council of her industrial hometown Tampere when she was 27, according to Reuters.

The Social Democrats are the largest party in a five-member governing coalition, according to Reuters. Marin took the top spot after beating the head of the party's parliamentary group, Antti Lindtman.

Marin isn't the only world leader in her 30s, though: Ukranian premier Oleksiy Honcharuk is 35 and New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is 39.

The five major parties in Finland's parliament are now all led by women, four of whom are in their 30s: Li Andersson, 32, is the leader of the Left Alliance; Maria Ohisalo, 34, leads the Green League; the Centre Party is led by Katri Kulmuni, 32; and Anna-Maja Henriksson, 55, is leader of the Swedish People's Party of Finland.


1.       Set something/somebody + adv./prep. = to put something/somebody in a particular place or position

è is set to become = được bổ nhiệm trở thành, được chọn để trở thành.

2.       Sitting (adj) = existing or continuing at the present time

è the world's youngest sitting prime minister = thủ tướng ở thời điểm hiện tại trẻ tuổi nhất thể giới

è a sitting Member of Parliament

3.       Transportation minister = Bộ trưởng giao thông thông vận tải

4.       To be swear in

= When someone is sworn in, they make a formal promise to be honese or loyal, either in a law court or when starting a new official job.

è She is sworn in on Tuesday = Cô ấy tuyên thệ vào ngày thứ 3

è Obama was sworn in as president

5.       Narrowly (adv) = by a very small number 

è Narrowly won = Đã chiến thắng suýt sao.

6.       Social Democrat lawmakers = Các nhà lập pháp dân chủ xã hội

7.       Outgoing (adj) = leaving a particular job, office, or position

8.       Coalition /ˌkoʊəˈlɪʃn/ = a government formed by two or more political parties working together = Liên minh

è to form a coalition

è a two-party coalition

è a coalition government

è Coalition partner the Centre Party

9.       over his handling of a postal workers' strike = về việc cách xử lý của ông ấy trong một cuộc đình công của nhân viên bưu điện

10.   The prime minister - elect = Thủ tướng đắc cử

11.   Reporters = Các phóng viên

12.   The electorate /ɪˈlektərət/ (n) = all the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election = các cử tri

13.   News agency = Cơ quan báo chí, cơ quan thông tấn

14.   Rise through the ranks = to continue moving to more important or responsible positions in a company or organization

15.   Democrat = a member of the Democratic Party = Thành viên của đảng dân chủ, người ủng hộ đảng dân chủ.

è The Social Democrats: Những thành viên của đảng dân chủ xã hội

16.   in a five-member governing coalition = Trong liên minh cầm quyền 5 thành viên

17.   parliamentary /ˌpɑːrləˈmentri/ (adj) = connected with a parliament; having a parliament = Liên quan đến nghị viện, quốc hội

18.   Premier /prɪˈmjɪr/ (n) used especially in newspapers, etc. to mean ‘prime minister’

19.   Premier /prɪˈmjɪr/ (adj) [only before noun] most important, famous or successful

è The premier league

20.   Four of whom = Bốn trong số họ

21.   Paraphrase => is the leader of => leads the … => is led by

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